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Berceni1 12600 sqm
Berceni2 2700 sqm

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Berceni1 12600 sqm




Andrei ALCEA

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Berceni1 - Industrial Area Warehouse + Offices for sale or for rent

Berceni1 - Industrial space for production or warehouse and office building, for rent or sale in Berceni

Total Land Surface : 20100 sqm

Warehouse: 12.600 sqm (ground dimensions: 175 m x 72 m / consisting of 3 tronsons 175 m x24 m) with 7 crane bridges.
max. height inside: 10 m;
max. height until the steel profiles, which are holding the roof: 7,43 m;
max. height until the crane bridges: 6 m.
The unit can be used as a warehouse or industrial/distribution accomodation, benefits from an excellent acces, 15 minute to downtown and 5 minute from the ring of Bucharest, which leads also A1 highway and A2 highway.
During 2007/08 the compound was completely renovated as follows:
-new hydroisolation on the roof of the warehouse and the office;
-new skydomes from polycarbonate on the roof of the warehouse;
-new steel facade with 40 mm polycarbonate light opening;
-one wall of the warehouse is completely newly made;
-7 new electrical truck entrance gates (4 m wide and 4,7 m high).

G+2, Office Building: completely renovated 2.503 sqm (ground dimensions: 67 m x 12,5 m) modern open office space with min. 3,1 m inner height.

Infrastructure: completely existent, namely:
-water from city source (contract with „Apa Nova - Bucharest“);
-city canalisation (also contract with „Apa Nova“);
-natural gas from „Distrigaz Sud“;
-electricity from „Romenergo“;
-own transformer station with capacity: 10.000 V ŕ 380 V and 1.000 kW;
-2 access streets to the main road (with concrete/asphalt);

Pricing :
Ware house --> 199,- EUR/sqm.
New class A open space offices --> 799,- EUR/sqm.
Land --> 299,- EUR/sqm - there are concrete parking places, concrete platforms and two accesses to the main street – 6.700 sqm. of free land.

Land 20100 sqm * 299 Euro/sqm = 6.009.900 Euro
Office 2500 sqm * 799 Euro/sqm = 1.997.500 Euro
Warehouse 12600 sqm * 199 Euro/sqm = 2.507.400 Euro

Total Investment = 10.514.800 Euro

Minimum rental prices are :
Land 20100 sqm * 1 E/sqm = 6.700 Euro/month = 80.400 Euro/year
Office 2500 sqm * 10 E/sqm = 25.000 Euro/month = 300.000 Euro/year
Warehouse 12600 sqm * 5 E/sqm = 63.000 Euro/month = 756.000 Euro/year

Total potential Income = 1.136.400 Euro/year

Yield during renting = 10,8 % per year minimum.


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